If Toney Freeman is competing, it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s going to finish in the money. He’ll be 44 on August 30, but forget that number.

Check out these digits instead: In his last 15 contests, he’s missed the final posedown only once (Freeman finished eighth at last year’s Olympia). Another number: Six. That’s how many IFBB Pro League contests he’s won over the past five years. One more number: 21. You’re probably familiar with 21-curls for biceps, but Freeman tells you how to do them for thigh biceps (i.e. hamstrings) and shares a favorite ham routine.


“You can do 21’s with a lot of exercise, not just barbell curls. For hamstrings, I do the first seven reps focusing on the bottom third of the movement, raising my legs only half way. On the second seven, I focus on the middle part of the rep, just staying in that mid-range and avoiding full stretches and contractions. And on the final seven, I focus on the top third, going from halfway down to all the way up.”


Lying leg 21-curls 4-6 21 (7, 7, 7)
  superset with
Stiff-leg deadlifts 4-6 12-15
Lying dumbbell leg curls 4 12-15
   superset with
Seated leg curls 4 12-15