Back in Time

Branden Ray goes coast to coast with his back routine.


“We control our muscle clock.” That’s one major motto on which Branden Ray has based his current off-season workout schedule. While most bodybuilders will stick to the “one body part a week” mantra, the Brooklyn, NY, native has broken it down a little further. “The recovery time of a muscle depends on how disciplined one is with diet, rest, and supplementation,” Ray says. With that in mind, Ray designed a seven-day split routine to grow with balance and keep everything in proportion.

The IFBB 212 competitor is looking to add size to every body part and hits each one every five days, working his back on both the second and seventh days.

Having that much rest between lat workouts is essential for Ray, 30, who also undergoes a session of Thai deep-tissue massage the day before that second round. “It helps get rid of scar tissue and allows the blood to flow,” he explains. “After blasting my back that first time, it feels brand new after the massage, and by the time I have to work it again, it’s ready for another beating.”

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