Cody Montgomery's Pec Pounding Workout

6 exercises for adding serious size to your chest.


Photos by Per Bernal

Cody Montgomery's goal – to add size, with a slew of new cuts and detail that will give him the bullets to go toe to toe with any of the top IFBB pros on the planet.

One body part he’s devoted more attention to is his already mighty chest. “Overall, I want to build bigger pecs, but I’m really focusing on flye and incline movements specifically to help my upper chest and to help widen my pecs onstage to create a denser and wider-looking muscle,” he says. Today’s workout—which falls second in his training split, following a quadcentric leg day— has been designed to do just that.

Montgomery’s warmup is succinct. On his first exercise, the incline dumbbell press using an adjustable bench set at 45 degrees, he grabs 35-pound dumbbells and pumps out 12 reps. The 50-pound pair is next for another 12, followed by 75 for 10 reps. With that, he’s ready to roll.

“This is my heavy exercise of the day, where I’m really pushing to failure on the last set,” he says. The progression is simple and straightforward—first, 90 pounds for eight reps, then 100 pounds for another eight, and finally 110, where he barely ekes out the eighth and final rep.


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