Dennis James' Unique Lifts

Two years ago at the Mr. O, Dennis James announced his retirement. These are the exercises D.J. did during his career 
that most trainers don’t do.

by fall

Dumbbell pullovers Every other week, D.J. liked to stretch out his upper body by kicking off his chest workout with this old favorite.

■ Incline bench pulldowns These front pulldowns were performed while lying on an incline bench set at 45 degrees and facing away from the weight stack.

■ One-leg extensions The Menace would warm up with two-leg extensions, but he finished off his quads by going unilateral.

■ Shrug machine rows These rows were done on a Hammer Strength shrug machine, facing away from the seatback. D.J.’s grip was parallel, and the motion went slightly forward to backward.

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