202 sensation Flex Lewis talks about his triceps giant sets.

April 26, 2011


What a year Flex Lewis is having. After taking last year off to fill out, the 27-year-old Welsh Dragon roared back with an easy victory at the British Grand Prix 202 and a stunning third in the open division of the European Pro. The latter three-spot qualified him for the Mr. Olympia, but Lewis still has some unfinished business in the 202s, so he plans to enter the Olympia 202 again this year. First up, though, is the New York Pro 202 on May 28. As he preps for Gotham, we show you how he beefed up his tri’s over the past year with unique giant sets, and we feature a routine from the February issue of FLEX. This is a high-rep, third-week barrage as part of the Y3T system; the other two weeks he does moderate reps with heavier weights.


“To start, we go into a cable crossover station and attach a rope to one side and a cambered bar to the other. We start with 20 reps of rope pushdowns in which we pull the ropes apart at the bottom of the movement. Then we immediately do another 20 reps in which we keep our hands close together at the bottom. These are both done facing the weight stack. After that, we turn around and do 20 overhead rope extensions. Remember, this is all done with very good form, and we concentrate not only on squeezing at the top of the movement, but also on stretching the fascia as much as possible at the bottom. So that’s basically three sets all done without stopping. We immediately go to the cambered bar and do 20 reps of pushdowns with our hands close together and then another 20 with a reverse grip. Our hands are now farther apart at the ends of that short cambered bar. That’s five sets done as one, and we do this three times.”


Cable giant sets (see description) 3 100 total
Overhead extensions 1 50
V-bar pushdowns 3 30*
Machine dips 3 12

* Drop sets comprised of 10, 10 and 10.