Fouad’s Dig Deep Leg Workout - Part 2

Smart adjustments to train around nagging injuries

Fouad’s Dig Deep Leg Workout - Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I went away to Jamaica for a friend’s wedding.  A bunch of us went and we had a really good time, but I think maybe I tried to have too good a time.  Not sure if all of you have seen the show wipeout, but you know how they have to run across those huge tubes filled with air?  Yeah, I tried that. 

About 20-30 feet out into the ocean they had a couple of air trampolines connected by a big tube of air and the object was to run from one tramp to the other.  Me being just about 300lbs thought to myself, how hard could it be?  Somehow in my mind I think I can still do the stuff I used to do when I was 200lbs - long gone are those days.

My wife was watching from the beach and she knew what was about to happen, but somehow I didn’t see it coming.  I got my self up on the ledge of the tramp with the whole beach watching, and I knew this was my moment to shine.  I took one step out on that tube and one leg went one way and the other went the other way and I was looking like Van Damme on those trucks as I hit the ocean in pain.

I stood up and immediately felt something pulled in my groin. I woke up the next morning with no bruising and I was walking around ok so nothing major, it was a good sign.  That being said when I got home I tried to train legs and it was hampering me a little bit.  But instead of going home like a little bitch, I changed my plan to make it work.   Here is the workout I designed to make sure my legs still got beat to hell!

Fouad’s Big Burn Leg Workout

  • Ride Bike: 10min Warm-up increasing levels as time passes
  • Standing Leg Curl: 4 sets x 15, 12, 10, 8 reps
  • Lying Leg Curl: 4 sets x 12, 10, 8, 6 / 1 x 12 (in an arm extended push up position)
  • Leg Press ("Railroads"): this is when you start with one plate a side for ten reps, then go to two plates for twenty, three plates for thirty, etc.  I got up to six for sixty and that’s all my leg could handle.
  • Hack Squat: 4 x 3min set – start with your feet directly underneath you.  You can only use about 1 plate for this because of the strain on your knees.  Do the hack slowly and at the bottom your heels will come up almost mimicking a sissy squat.  I did these for 3min per set.  Obviously resting periodically but never racking the weight.
  • Machine Squat: 3 x 12 (leg couldn’t really handle anymore)

I felt good leaving the gym even though I wanted to do more and when I woke the next morning they were tight but not too sore.  The second day after I woke up, man I was in pain!  Job well done I guess!

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad
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