Getting a good grip is as important as being able to maintain that grip throughout your next lift. As your workout progresses and the weights get heavier, you can reach a point where your muscles are ready for an amount of weight that your fatigued grip (or your wrists) isn’t capable of supporting.

To maintain the control and balance needed to maximize the benefits of each ensuing exercise (and lessen the chances of injury), you can turn to workout gloves, hooks, straps, or wrist supports—or you can use Versa Gripps Professional grip-assist gloves, which combine the workings of all those other gym tools and then add some benefits of their own. 

Solid Grip, Easy Release

The main goal with any grip-assist equipment is to improve your grip enough to allow you to lift more weight and do more reps without the bar moving in your hands, which might expose you to the chance of injury. Versa Gripps will lock your grip in place—supported by an extended grip length that allows more of the grip to wrap around the bar—enhancing your control and reducing any worries you might have about fatigue and failure impacting your workout.

At the same time, a quick-release feature makes it as easy to release the bar as opening your hand—a feature that the safety- minded will appreciate as much as the ergonomically designed wrist support that redistributes the weight to the base of the hand, away from the wrist, providing carpal tunnel protection. Versa Gripps can also reduce callusing.

Versa Gripps are good for pushing and pulling exercises, and they’re easy to use single-handed, which can be valuable for any exercise that calls for an overhead position. When lifting, they’re flexible enough to allow you to switch the way you hold the bar while maintaining the rigidity needed to provide constant support. The 1 1⁄2-inch-wide strap is made with high-density foam and an adjustable hook-and-loop closure and finished with a stainless steel buckle.

Versa Gripps are in the gym bags of pro bodybuilders, world- class weightlifters and powerlifters, and serious athletes everywhere who demand great workouts in the gym. Visit the Versa Gripps website for sizing information ($55-$57,