High-Low Training

Spice up your workouts by combining high and low reps.


Variety isn’t just the spice of life. It may be the main ingredient of muscle growth. But variety doesn’t merely reference exercise selection. You might switch lifts every time you work a body part, but how often do you dramatically alter your reps per set? High-low training is a method for organized rep scrambling, switching back  and forth between the high and low ranges—from workout to workout, from one exercise to the next, and even from set to set.


Research has proven that the eight- to 12-rep range is best for muscle growth, but it’s not the only way to grow. In fact, if you stick with it too long, your gains will likely stall. Don’t be too predictable. Besides, higher and lower reps have advantages, too. The former maximizes blood volumization and stamina. The latter is best for boosting strength. Both can generate growth. The best strategy is likely a mixture of rep ranges. High-low is going to throw out the middle, temporarily, and focus only on the high (15–30) and the low (4–7). Let’s analyze the three distinct ways you can incorporate high-low in your routine.


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