High Wattage Shoulder and Leg Workout

Figure Olympia champ Latorya Watts powers up her shoulder and legs.

High Wattage Shoulder and Leg Workout

Photos by Charles Lowthian


That quote from Latorya Watts may sound a little overconfident, but if you were to dig a little deeper, you’d see that there is a little more going on beneath the surface. “What I mean by that,” Watts clarifies, “is that I learn from the experience and make improvements to reach my goals.” One can look to the 2011 NPC MuscleContest Championships for proof. After Watts failed to place in the bikini division, she asked the judges for feedback. Her athletic physique would be better showcased in the figure division, they told her. True to form, she went to work, honing her natural gifts—sculpted shoulders, full, shapely legs, and a detailed back, all attached to an almost impossibly tiny waist—to earn her IFBB pro card at the 2013 USA Championships. Two years later and with two pro wins under that extra-petite belt, Watts added the division’s crown jewel, the Figure Olympia, to her burgeoning résumé. “I compete with myself every day,” Watts states. “I’m always working toward becoming a better version of me.” Judging by these pictures, that competitive streak of hers is paying off, big time!


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