The Holistic Training Program

Combining various training styles can compound your gains.

The Holistic Training Program

CrossFit is a 21st-century sensation, but the incorporation of various workout methods is nothing new to bodybuilding. For example, two-time Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu sometimes did powerlifting, boxing, Olympic weightlifting, and running in addition to traditional bodybuilding sets and reps. And that was in the Nixon era. Back then this was called “holistic.” Today’s bodybuilders can also benefit from similar inclusiveness by incorporating a variety of techniques in the same workouts or in separate sessions throughout a program. Going holistic can broaden your workout focus beyond gaining muscle to burning fat, boosting power, and even increasing dexterity.


The best rep range for growth is eight to 12, and exercises should generally be performed for three or four working sets in that range. But that’s not the only way to grow. In fact, utilizing the same sets and reps workout after workout will inevitably lead to stagnation. By incorporating a plethora of styles and techniques, holistic training can keep your enthusiasm high and your muscles expanding, and it can allow you to focus on other goals, such as jumping ability for basketball or rapid acceleration for football. There are three ways to go holistic.


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