How to Execute a Proper Box Squat

PART 2: Here are the techniques you need to pull off this beneficial bodybuilding exercise


In the last “Westside Rules,” I gave you about a dozen really good reasons why you should be box-squatting (and hopefully cleared up any misconceptions you may have heard about box-squatting). I also told you that every member of Westside Barbell does box squats year-round (with free squats done only in competition), including the 19 Westside lifters who can squat more than 1,000 pounds. Convinced?

You don’t see box squats commonly performed in the gym because the majority of even the most experienced lifters don’t know how to do a box squat correctly. I will now tell you everything 
you need to know to do box squats the correct way—the Westside way.

I will first teach you Westside box-squatting technique and then some fundamental Westside box-squatting methods so you know how to incorporate box squats into your strength-training program.


Anyone can sit down on a box and stand back up, but you have to apply science to the specific execution of the lift. You must learn the systematic procedure to correctly execute the mechanics of the box squat and also become proficient and in command of
its execution. After all, if you don’t plan on doing something perfectly, why do it at all?

Let’s begin.

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