Kai Greene's Instagram Workout Videos

Dips, pull-ups, Arnold presses and incline barbell drop sets with the Predator!


If you've ever wondered where you can find The Predator on a Friday night, look no further than these videos, feaured on his officialkaigreene Instagram page - he's at the gym of course! In this particular workout, you'll find Kai Greene repping out on some of bodybuilding's staple exercises, because in his own words, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Warmup: Dips and Pull-ups


Pre training warmup Dips x Pull-ups #LetsWork #KaiGreene

A video posted by Kai Greene (@officialkaigreene) on

Arnold Presses



If it ain't broken... Don't fix it.. #ArnoldPresses #LetsWork #KaiGreene

A video posted by Kai Greene (@officialkaigreene) on


Incline Barbell Drop Set


Incline Barbell, drop set.. #LetsWork #KaiGreene

A video posted by Kai Greene (@officialkaigreene) on

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