The Physique Architect: Three-Point Plan

Burn off fat and build muscle with this strategic attack.

The Physique Architect: Three-Point Plan
Erica Schultz




When trying to lose weight, you have to take in several factors. First thing is your caloric intake. Then there’s the ratio of your total caloric intake in protein, carbs, and fat. After that it’s your caloric usage level.

The reduction in your caloric intake should come from your consumed fat first, then you start to look at your carbohydrates and diminish those while keeping your protein fairly high and stable. You can go to the point where you get your protein-carb-fat ratio to around 60-30-10 or maybe 70-20-10.

The total caloric intake for women— depending upon height and weight profile—can range anywhere from 900 calories per day to about 1,700 calories per day. Men can go as low as 1,200 calories per day and as high as 4,000 calories per day. Eventually you would want to make sure the caloric expenditure for a woman would be no more than 1,200 calories, and for the man, optimally 2,500 calories.

Next, your exercise program: Try a high-intensity circuit-training program that allows you to hit your body in two separate workouts twice a week. Basically, what you’ll do is a complete upper-body circuit routine on the first day, followed on the second day by a lower-body circuit routine. Then take your third day for exclusive cardio. At this point you can decide whether or not after your third day you want to restart the circuit program or take a day off and then restart after that day of rest.

You could also choose to do cardiovascular conditioning at least three days a week for 30 to 45 minutes. That would include bicycling, using a treadmill, and speed walking outside, to name a few options. Try to wear something like a hooded sweatshirt and regular cotton sweatpants to shed a little extra water.

Be consistent no matter what you decide to do. Stick to the plan! I can’t stress this enough. Follow these guidelines, and in four weeks there will be a noticeable difference in fat loss and increased muscle density.

James Davis is an IFBB Pro League bodybuilder, personal trainer, and founder of Adoniss Innovations and Adoniss Girlz. 


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