Putting the Pieces Together

Kai Greene brings his life's work to the stage


You don’t get a straight forward answer from Kai Greene. If you ask him how his prep differs this year from last, he won’t tell you he’s upped his cardio or cut his fast-release carbs. Instead, you get an introspective and reflective response. He speaks in terms of this lifestyle (bodybuilding), of tools and stars, of destiny.

It quickly becomes apparent that Brooklyn, NY’s, Kai is focused and centered, that the bodybuilder he most wants to best and improve upon is himself. No disrespect, but Kai isn’t concerned about the competition. His only concern is himself.

FLEX: What can fans expect to see from Kai Greene on stage this year?

KAI GREENE: Aw, man, my expectation is to bring a life’s work to the stage. To stand and be counted. I have an expectation in my mind. I’ve been thinking for a long time about being a champion and taking the steps necessary to see that goal realized. And the physique I bring will be just that - a champion’s physique.

FLEX: Are the other competitors a factor in your prep?

KAI GREENE: I don’t feel that thinking about someone else is beneficial for me. Every man who’s willing to put in the work deserves the opportunity to have his star highlighted. All anybody can do is make sure he makes the ultimate effort to bring his best. I can’t worry about this person or that person, because that’s not my job. My job is to manage me. And when I focus on that (he starts to laugh good-naturedly), I find it’s more than a full time job.

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