4-Time Arnold champ Flex Wheeler talks delts.

April 19, 2011


Since his IFBB Pro League debut in 2007, Frederick Sauvage has consistently showcased one of the most proportional physiques in the pros. The Frenchman has a classical body, so it’s no surprise he built it with a classical routine of free-weight basics. But it may be a surprise how much he focuses on reps in the relatively heavy 6-8 range. Sauvage tells us how his go-heavy-or-go-home style muscled up his pecs.


“There’s no reason to get fancy in your training. The basic exercises work best, so why do what doesn’t work best. I usually only do nine sets for chest in the off-season, but those nine sets are all free-weight and all done with reps no more than eight.”

“I also focus more on my upper chest. Two of the three exercises are for upper chest, and they come first, and only one is for lower chest, and I do that last. The lower pecs grow easier, and I want to have a high chest, which looks much better.”

“Precontest, I will add another exercise, like pec-deck flyes or cable crossovers, and my reps are more like 8-10.”


Barbell incline presses 3 6-8
Dumbbell incline flyes 3 6-8
Barbell bench presses 3 6-8