Shoulder Shocker

Neil Hill Torches the Delts of Flex Lewis



That sickening feeling is fueling today’s workout, tomorrow’s, and all of them until he steps on the Orleans Arena stage again. Still,
if all you remember about Flex Lewis’ 2011 showing is his controversial second to Kevin English at the Olympia 202 Showdown, you’re overlooking what happened in the months before, when the 5'5" Welshman established himself as a genuine giant killer. The O prize he most valued eluded him, but he made the posedowns of both open contests he entered, besting five men who competed in the Mr. Olympia, including two (Toney Freeman, Hide Yamagishi) who made the O top 10. Yes, it was a watershed year for The Welsh Dragon.

The one constant, not just last year and this year, but for more than seven years now, has been Lewis’ trainer/nutritionist, fellow 5'5" Welshman, Neil Hill. Yoda doesn’t just guide his Jedi Knights; whenever he can, he fires up a light saber and gets busy, too. Hill, a former IFBB pro, joins his clients’ workouts, preceding their sets, doing the same exercise in the same way with (if possible) the same weight. And so it was with the shoulder shocker we witnessed—a high-intensity, high-pain barrage of supersets, static holds, drop-sets, and pre-exhausts designed to further Lewis’ legend as a Goliath slayer in open shows and prevent that empty feeling from reoccurring in this year’s new 212 division. The uncrowned Olympia 202 Showdown champ vows to never forget that moment when the other guy’s name was called instead of his. As he endeavors to become the first Olympia 212 Showdown champ, he’s letting that memory drive him ever-onward through workouts like this.



MEANING: Yoda Three Training

Week 1: Heavy (6–10 reps) compound exercises

Week 2: Moderate (8–12 reps) compound and isolation exercises

Week 3: High-rep (14–30+ reps) and high-intensity compound and isolation exercises














"I find that [arms] parallel to the floor is where the tension is greatest."







"Because this is a week 3 work out [in the Y3T system], we're really Focused on the intensity and getting higher reps and maintaining the tension throughought each rep."


Pre-workout supplements:

Gaspari Superpum Max & Vasotropin

Post-workout supplements:

Sizeon & Myofusion Probiotic Series