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If anyone has the shoulders to bear a heavy load, it’s the big, bad Wolf.  Sit down and shut up as the German IFBB Pro shows us how he prefers to destroy his delts with heavy weight.

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  • “I consider the barbell more of a power movement because you have more stability than you do using dumbbells.”
  • “It’s safer to do barbell presses to the front than to the back. Doing them behind the neck places more stress on the shoulder joints, so you don’t want to go too heavy.”
  • “Doing the barbell press seated allows me to focus on my shoulders instead of balancing my body while I’ve got a heavy weight above my head.”

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  • “This exercise is good for overall mass and especially for hitting the front head of the deltoids.”
  • “I prefer using dumbbells to using a barbell. It’s more intense, because you have to balance the weights on each side. Dumbbells also allow you to get a better range of motion.”
  • “I like doing these seated to get more support for my lower back. Plus, it makes the movement more strict."

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  • “My second exercise
    Wolf split 400
    is the front dumbbell raise. I like to follow presses with these, because they’re both focusing on my front deltoids. It makes sense to work each part of the shoulder separately. I can use greater intensity that way.”
  • “I only need to do one warm-up set because, by this point, my shoulders are already warmed up.”
  • “I don’t go too heavy — I like to control the weight through the entire range of the movement. You can really feel the shoulders working when you do it this way.”

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  • “After fully working the front of my deltoids, I move to the side. This is the best exercise for that.”
  • “Again, I only do a single warmup set here. My shoulders are already pretty tired by this point in the workout.”
  • “As with front raises, I think it’s important to use good form, because it’s easy to swing and let other muscles help get the weight up. This is something you always want to avoid.”

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  • “I usually do these at the end of my back workout. Sometimes, I will combine rear delts with the rest of my shoulders.”
  • “The first
    Wolf workout
    set is pretty light and I will focus on the muscle from the top to the bottom of the movement. I’m kind of starting the warm-up process all over again because it’s such a different movement from the other shoulder exercises.”
  • “The second set is heavier and the third set is the heaviest. Even then, I don’t go so heavy that I can’t control the weight.”