Arm appreciation seems to be inherently programmed into us. Ask a five-year-old to “make a muscle,” and he’ll automatically flex his biceps. In technical terms, your triceps, biceps and forearm muscles are among the smallest you train over the course of a complete bodypart split, but they’re the most visible. Prominently displayed in short sleeves or tanks, they stand as universal symbols of strength and vigor.

The 20 bodybuilders who appear in this 25-page special training guide in the November issue of FLEX possess the 40 best arms of all time. Any such list is subjective, and a few well-armed men just missed our final cut, including Casey Viator and Mike Mentzer. Like those two, 11 of our top 20 (including Larry Scott) were at their best in the 1960s, ’70s or ’80s, while only four are currently competing.

As a taster here’s Larry Scott’s program for building Olympia-winning biceps.

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“I used the preacher bench almost exclusively for my biceps workouts. During each rep, it allowed me to stretch my biceps and keep tension on the bottom half of the rep. The preacher bench also locked my arms into place so I couldn’t cheat. Every set of each biceps exercise got six to eight full-range repetitions, followed by four ‘burn’ reps (quarter-rep movements).”
— Larry Scott