Unique Exercises for Hamstrings and Glutes

How to train one of the most problematic areas — hams and glutes.



“I train my entire lower body in one workout. It’s a one-shot deal that I do twice a week, and it’s designed to integrate movements that will target a predetermined area of the muscle that I believe needs attention.”

“I never do the same thing twice, but that may not work for someone else. Sometimes I’ll use hack squats, leg presses, walking lunges or step backs as a substitute. I might do the same exercises two weeks in a row, but it will be in a different order and will involve a different superset. Do what’s comfortable. Do exercises one at a time, do supersets, do trisets, do giant sets. You need to figure out what works. But trust me on this: using these exercises will wreck you. That’s no joke.”

“I mainly use free weights, because they force me to find that groove in order for my glutes to contract. It’s just the weight and me. If I don’t concentrate, my lower back and hamstrings will take over. That’s not what I’m going after. It’s gotta be about the glutes or it’s a wasted movement.”


SUPERSETS: Two exercises performed without rest in between.

TRISETS: Stringing together three exercises without breaking between exercises. "Sometimes I do the adductor into kickbacks into abductors; I do it this way for intensity purposes and also to get as much work done as possible in a short amount of time."

GIANT SETS: Four or more exercises done in a row without rest. "If you don't have a lot of time, use giant sets and pair up the exercises how you see fit. You'll still get a good pump."

INTENSE EXERCISES: "Here are some examples of exercises I might perform together on leg day. As I mentioned, it's always subject to change."

>> Adductors and leg-curl kickbacks
>> Abductors and dumbbell leg curls
>> Jefferson squats and stiff-leg deadlifts
>> Jefferson squats and adductors
>> Abductors, leg-curl kickbacks and adductors 


  • DAY 1: Hams and glutes
  • DAY 2: Quads and calves
  • DAY 3: Back, traps and rear delts
  • DAY 4: Chest and biceps
  • DAY 5: Shoulders and triceps
  • DAY 6: Hams and glutes
  • DAY 7: Quads and calves


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