Welsh Wheels

Flex Lewis’ six steps for strong, thick, detailed legs.


With nothing more than the simple tools of the trade—dumbbells, barbells, and a small selection of machines—James “Flex” Lewis set about engineering a physique like few had ever seen before. First setting foot in the gym at age 15, he started as a powerlifter, relying on the squat, deadlift, bench press, and ancillary moves to create a foundation of strength.

Spurred on by images of the legendary Tom Platz—he of the world-renowned leg development—Lewis would eventually construct a blueprint for a classic set of wheels. From front to back and side to side, Lewis’ legs have set a new standard for excellence, fueling his rise from 2007 British Championships overall champion to his current run as king of the IFBB’s ultra-competitive 212-pound class.

A key part of his success will rely on that already formidable lower body. Today, Lewis does something no one at McLaren would dream of: He’s going to share the blueprint. What exercises, tools, and techniques are paramount to manufacturing your own complete lower body, from glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings down to the calves? Let the following six steps shift your development into gear.

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