Winter Mass Part 2

The real deal on how to get big!


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Courtesy Of The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen, Victory Belt Publishing. Food Styling By Susan Ottaviano.
All terms of endearment to those of us looking for the ultimate training prize—MASS. While a hard, cut body draws a few looks, especially from the women, traps to your ears, arms that permanently flare to the side, and quads that force you to walk like you have a bad case of hemorrhoids are qualities that make everyone look, and make you feel like a king. Quick and easy? Definitely not. Nothing that inspires greatness, and no one who has achieved it has done it by taking shortcuts. There must be a method, a plan, and a passion for pain if you want to own the giant shoulders that others stand upon. 

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This two-part series was designed to teach you how to become a giant if you aren’t one, and if you are, to give you another push and drive your gains to new heights. No doubt you’ve seen some rockin’ gains so far if you’ve been following the first part of the program. If you missed it, you can certainly start with the second part, however, to truly gain the size you want, it would be wise to backtrack before moving forward. Nonetheless, to recap, for those who missed it, in Part 1 we spoke about the difference between lean mass and fat mass and the importance of adding a few extra calories to your diet, but not overdoing it. We also looked at reducing ab work and some of those isolated exercises in favor of upping the big-mass multijoint exercises to bring out your ultimate thickness. And finally, we zeroed in mostly on strength-type exercises that required longer rest periods to build that foundation of mass. It is now time to begin to refine, see some cuts, but continue that harsh path of adding more size to that base you already built. In other words, you’re still not going to hit a super-shredding routine, rather you’re going to do a hybrid shred-size routine that will not be so restrictive that your size comes to a halt in favor of definition, but both size and definition work in unison, perfecting the machine.

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