Shawn Rhoden’s Quad Routine

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NOTES: Jamaican-born Shawn Rhoden was third in the 2011 Europa Super Show. Of the hack squats he says, “This is done by feel, so I play around with my foot placement and whether my toes are straight or pointed out.” Rhoden rests a maximum of 60 seconds between sets and drinks plenty of water with branched-chain amino acids throughout his workout. He trains quads separate from hamstrings once weekly. On another day, he goes to a 400-meter track and lunges 100 meters followed by 300 meters of walking; he does this five times in a row.

Darron Glenn’s Chest Routine

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NOTES: North Carolina’s Darron Glenn placed second in the light-heavy class of the 2011 NPC USA and plans to compete in the NPC Nationals on November 18–19. He pyramids every exercise. Precontest, he uses mostly drop sets for chest. Glenn trains chest after abs and calves once weekly.


Judy Gaillard’s Biceps Routine

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NOTES: Mississippian Judy Gaillard pulled off an NPC bodybuilding trifecta in 2011, winning the Junior USA and Junior Nationals overall titles before winning the light-heavy class and a pro card at the USA. She either changes the order of her biceps exercises each workout or she substitutes dumbbell curls or hammer curls for one of the exercises listed here. Gaillard trains bi’s once weekly after back or, for variety, after chest.