Workouts To Go: Wilson, Paparone, and Martinez

Your guide to pro workouts that will help you build all-over size and strength


Eboni Wilson’s Back Routine

NOTES: Eboni Wilson, 34, placed sixth in the super-heavyweight class of the 2010 NPC Nationals. The 6'2" Illinoisan does his pullups and pulldowns with a wide grip and seated cable rows with a V-handle. Wilson says, “I rotate in different exercises to ensure I’m working all the muscles and parts of the back.”

Jeannie Paparone’s Triceps Routine

NOTES: Las Vegas resident Jeannie Paparone, 42, placed seventh in the 2011 Ms. International. The bar pushdowns are done with either a straight or angled bar. Precontest, she increases the sets to four per exercise and reps to 20 and adds a fifth exercise: one-arm cable pushdowns. Paparone trains tri’s with bi’s once weekly.

Victor Martinez’s Biceps Routine

NOTES: New Yorker Victor Martinez finished third in the 2011 Arnold Classic. When he does alternate dumbbell curls, he holds one dumbbell in the contracted position while he curls the other, and then vice versa on the next rep. Lying cable curls are done on a bench with an overhead cable. Then, he keeps his elbows up as he curls the bar to behind his head. Martinez trains biceps once weekly.