Training hard is one thing, but bodybuilding is a totally different ball game. Bodybuilding is a sport based on aesthetics alone, so symmetry and perfect proportions are what bodybuilders need to achieve. M&F’s Zack Zeigler takes on some upper-body work designed to get the shoulders, back, and biceps pumped with Flex Cabral and Prince Brathwaite of Trooper Fitness on this week’s episode of Zero Boundaries.

The focus of the workout is time under tension, or the amount of time that the muscles are engaged in the exercise, and supersetting is the star of the show. Working the same muscle using back-to-back exercises without rest keeps the muscle under tension for longer while hitting it from multiple angles. That fatigued, burning feeling in your muscle after powering through a difficult superset—that’s what bodybuilders strive for every set because that’s the first sign of size and strength gains to come.

First, Brathwaite has Zeigler superset skull-crushers and presses. The amateur bodybuilding champ suggested that Zeigler change the angle of his skull-crushers to maximize TUT. The second superset was Arnold press and high-pull, a combination that would leave anyone’s shoulders exhausted. Finally, Zeigler crushed some weighted pullups and biceps curl 21s—seven reps from the bottom of the curl up to the 90° angle, followed by seven reps from 90° to the top of the bicep curl, and, finally, seven full range of motion bicep curls. Weighted pullups are difficult on their own, and 21s are a brutal biceps finisher, so it took some grit to get through the end of the shoulder-focused workout. With Cabral’s coaching, Zeigler made it through with good form.

When pushing through a taxing bodybuilding workout, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your training:

  • Focus on time under tension to exhaust the muscle.
  • Have a trainer spot you to help you safely pump out your last few reps.
  • Get into the right mindset to push your body through the pain.

Zero Boundaries Episode 4: Bodybuilding

You can make your own upper body gains by incorporating these three supersets from Coach Prince and Coach Flex into your next workout.


Complete 4-7 sets of 10-12 reps of each moves. Complete A and B exercises without resting in between and rest 1-2 minutes after each set:

  • 1A: Skull crushers
  • 1B: Chest press
  • 2A: Arnold press
  • 2B: High pull
  • 3A: Weighted pullup
  • 3B: Bicep curl 21s


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Editor’s Tips:

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