At 40 weeks pregnant, fitness icon Emily Skye has tried everything in the book to get the baby out; and, most recently, she’s resorted to what she calls the “bikini baby belly boogie”. In the video below, Skye warns her followers that her dance may hurt their eyes, but it’s all in effort to get her baby girl to finally make her debut.

Skye has tried her best to stay fit throughout her pregnancy, but due to chronic back pain and sciatica, she’s had to cut back on her training. But two weeks ago, at 38 weeks pregnant, she managed to get in an easy home workout (see video below). In the video, she’s seen performing bodyweight squats, sumo squats, biceps curls, and lateral raises. 

In another post, Skye shares her fitness goals for the new year. She plans on doing rehab work to get her body back to working at its pre-baby potential. She also hopes to correct her posture and imbalances, strengthen her pelvic floor, core, and glutes, and rebuild muscle.

Skye’s relatable approach to fitness during pregnancy goes to show that you should listen to your body, not push your limits with a baby on the way.

Follow Skye on Instagram at @emilyskyefit.


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