Having played a tough-as-nails fugitive on the hit television series Lost and a battle-ready elf in The Hobbit, it’s pretty damn clear that actress Evangeline Lilly is no stranger to taking on badass roles.

But it looks like her role as The Wasp in the upcoming film, Ant Man and the Waspjust might be her most kickass part to date—if her recent Twitter post is anything to go off of, that is.

Lilly recently posted a photo of herself to her Twitter account showing off a pair of insanely jacked biceps and triceps, which she apparently built up in preparation for the superhero action flick. “#Wasp ready arms,” she captioned the impressive photo, adding, “They better be. First official day of shooting for me tomorrow! #putmeincoach!”

But while Evangeline Lilly’s set of guns may be impressive, they’re certainly not out of reach for anyone with access to some weights and a commitment to carving out time to hit the gym. Incorporate this workout to get strong, sculpted arms and our eight-minute upper-body routine into your weekly fitness regimen and you can be ready to go sleeveless—just like Evangeline Lilly—in a few weeks.