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Kristin Rhodes Sets New World Record With 175-Pound Circus Dumbbell Press

Is there any record she can’t break?

She’s at it again! Kristin Rhodes, the eight-time winner of America’s Strongest Woman, keeps smashing those records left and right. This time, Rhodes broke the women’s world record for circus dumbbell at the 2019 Rogue Invitational. The previous record was 165 pounds, which was actually shared by Rhodes and another woman. Now the record is all Rhodes's.

Watch the video of this record-breaking lift on her Instagram:

On top of breaking her own record on the circus dumbbell, Rhodes previously broke Strongwoman records in the log press and axle deadlift. Perhaps most impressive, though, is the fact that the 42-year-old strongwoman from Southern California all of these balances competitions while being a business owner and a mother of three.

You can check out more of her amazing lifts and be the first to know the next time she breaks a Strongwoman record on her Instagram

Promo image courtesy of: StrongWomanKristinRhodes

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