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'Muscle & Fitness HERS' Spring Issue Features Karen McDougal

Peek behind the scenes at our cover shoot with the model and fitness personality.

Pick up Muscle & Fitness Hers' spring issue, on newsstands now. The issue features Karen McDougal--our fit over 40 cover star! On page 18 of our new issue, get the workout that will help you stay fit in your 40's and beyond with do-anywhere moves. Here's what else is in the issue:

  • On page 84, check out our barbell workout to sculpt lean muscles with powerful exercises.
  • On page 110, Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom helps you clear weight loss roadblocks.
  • On page 138, learn how to use carbs to reach your fat-loss goals.
  • On page 148, try our express workouts!


For the cover:

Photographer: Dustin Snipes

Hair & makeup by: Kimberly Carlson

Top: Lino Fitness

Bottom: Elisabetta Rogiani


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