Warmer temperatures tempting you to bare a bit more of your bottom? Hit the beach and get a workout for both body and mind. “Exercising outside provides an almost instant psychological and physiological boost that can’t be simulated anywhere else,” says Jimmy Minardi, a personal trainer and founder of Minardi Training in East Hampton, NY. Minardi, who often brings his clients to work out on the white sandy beaches near his home, especially enjoys training seaside. “You’ll burn more calories when you exercise on the beach since your body has to fight to stay stable on the uneven ground. Plus, you’re coping with elements like wind resistance and shifting terrain.” 

But even if you can’t get beachside, you can still benefit from taking your routine outdoors. “You can do these moves in your backyard or a neighborhood park—any place where there is fresh air and open space,” says Minardi, a former professional cyclist and lifelong proponent of outdoor fitness. 

Try this high-intensity circuit, part of the Minardi Beach Workout taught year-round, to help strengthen all your major muscles while also burning calories and fat.

Mountain climbers

Do these on an incline, alternating legs as quickly as possible. Do two sets of 30 reps per side; increase leg speed by about 20% after every 10 reps.

Jumping jacks 

Do 30 regular jumping jacks followed by 30 deep squat jacks. (After jumping with feet wide, do a deep squat, then jump back to center.)

Option: If you’re on a beach, do these in ankle-deep water for increased resistance.  

Incline pushup series 

Do these moves on a large rock, log, bench, or other raised surface. 

  •  10 incline pushups: Wrists should be directly under shoulders, with back flat; one set.
  •  10 triangle pushups: Move hands together so your thumb and index fingers touch, forming a triangle shape; one set.
  •  5 alternating one-arm, one-leg pushups: Raise one arm and opposite leg; switch; two sets total. 

Lunge split jacks 

Stand with feet staggered and lower into a split squat, then jump up and scissor-kick your legs, landing with your opposite foot forward for a total of 30 reps. 


Find a log, stick, rocks, or shells to use as a marker. 

  •  10 tuck jumps: Bringing your knees toward your chest as you jump up, land just over your marker and explode into the next rep as soon as your feet hit the ground. 
  •  10 rotating jumps:
  • As you jump in the air, rotate your body 180° to engage your core and land softly in the reverse position.

Agility drills

Find 10 sticks or rocks and an incline. Space the markers about three feet apart in a vertical line. Weave in and out of the markers, slalom-style, staying as fluid as possible. Do 10 intervals, going through all the markers.