Training Outside Your Newly Overcrowded Gym

How to avoid the January Joiners.


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Josie Mai is a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer and has shared her fitness and health lifestyle through her Instagram (@josievmai) and YouTube channel (josievmai). She lives the lifestyle Moderation Not Deprivation and inspires others to Fight for Balance throughout their lifestyle journey.

It’s that time of year again! New Year’s Resolutions, new goals, and new gym memberships are bringing in huge crowds to YOUR favorite training place. On one hand, this is great! We should encourage anyone wanting to change his or her lifestyle for the better, but on the other hand, it can damper your routine to find a squat rack with 50 people lined up in front of it. You need to escape this crowd of 'January Joiners!'

Take fitness into your own hands… and your own home! Four big reasons I’ve always been a fan of these workouts:


You can start working out whenever you feel like it! No driving to the gym, no opening or closing hours to worry about, and most importantly: no excuses! In the thick of winter, at one point or another, we’ve all thought to ourselves, “It’s so cold and snowy outside… maybe I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow, instead.” Don’t let the crowds end your workout streak!


If you want to build muscle and carve a nice figure, you need all the right tools. Hit the kitchen immediately afterward and make a super simple protein shake! My favorite protein powders are Quest, since they’re so high in protein, mix up great with just water and ice, and taste better than any others out there.


This is your environment, so enjoy the flexibility of creating your perfect atmosphere. You can look however you’d like when working out – can you wear Christmas onesies while doing squats in the gym? Probably not… but at home, GO FOR IT! Play whatever music YOU want to sweat to, and enjoy being comfortable in your own home (I know some people may feel uncomfortable facing crowds in the gym, or are unsure how to navigate the machines).


If you fall in love with at-home workouts, this is the best perk of all. No more crazy gym membership fees! The only things you’ll have to invest in are your own weights, resistance bands, and a yoga mat! Once you get the hang of your own routine, invite a few friends to join in. You never know… the life of a personal trainer could be right around the corner…

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