After an intense session at your local iron mecca, few things are as appealing as downing a delicious post-workout shake. Here at Muscle & Fitness we can relate, which is why we’re serving up a variety of tasty shake concoctions to flood your muscles with the fuel they crave. This shake recipe from IFBB Pro Robert Timms will no doubt become an instant favorite. Fast and easy to whip up, Timms’ shake calls for five basic ingredients found in virtually every weightlifter’s home along with two heaping scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream Precision Protein. Give it a whirl after crushing your next workout.

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Here’s all you’ll need to make this shake.   

Robert Timms’ Precision Protein Shake:

Gaspari Nutrition Precision Protein, chocolate
Gaspari Nutrition

Serving Size: 1

Calories: 1179, Protein: 80g, Carbs: 189g, Fat: 16g

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