As catchy as “Taco Tuesday” is, we’d never consign tacos to a single day of the week. And burritos don’t even get the alliterative attention of their smaller brethren, yet they’re no less delicious. But which one’s the better choice when you’re looking for a satisfying meal and don’t want to pack on weight like a hibernating bear? Louise Chen, a Dallas-based registered dietitian nutritionist, says that, in general, guys should back away from the burritos and opt for two soft tacos on corn or whole-wheat tortillas. Both provide extra fiber, but corn tortillas are lower in sodium and fat, so they won’t weigh you down as much as the oversize flour tortillas enveloping the average burrito.

That said, an even better choice is to skip the tortillas and make those tacos or that burrito into a salad. When making your own, remember: Vegetables are your friends. Chen suggests loading up on tomatoes, peppers, and onions to get vitamins, minerals, and fiber. And opt for lean cuts of meat like skinless grilled chicken or, for beef, loin and round cuts, and extra-lean ground beef. For non-meat eaters, sub in black beans—they’re rich in protein and fiber.

A few additional tips: Don’t overdo the cheese. Replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. Throw in avocado for heart-healthy fat. Add fresh salsa and a squeeze of lime. And instead of rice in your burrito, go with quinoa. It’s a protein-filled whole grain that’ll keep you full longer and fuel your workouts.

Ribs and Wings

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Calories: 485
Protein: 48g
Carbs: 33g
Fat: 15g


Calories: 578
Protein: 48g
Carbs: 39
Fat: 15g