Healthy Recipes

3 Methods to Snacking Healthier

Between-meal munching just got a lot better. Check out these healthier versions of your favorite snacks.

healthy chips

Who says you can't snack and stay lean? A food dehydrator and some creative recipes can easily help satisfy your cravings while providing you with nutritional benefits you never thought could come from snacks. Here are some techniques to improve the nutritional value of some favorite snack foods.

Make Your Own Chips

You can make your own savory chips while controlling the amount of sodium that goes into them. And better still, no oil or cooking is required! Using the drying racks in a food dehydrator to mix up your favorite veggie mélange you can have your own healthy version of kale chips, potato chips or any other veggie chips in just a few hours.

Make Your Own Dried Fruit

While tempting to the palate, most store bought dried fruits are high in sugar and sulfates and may not be an ideal to your muscle-building regimen. But now there’s a way to make your own health-conscious dried fruit snack with the Excalibur Dehydrator. Next time your bananas are about to go bad, slice them up and throw them on the drying rack for an easy snack. Combine with sliced apples, peaches, and pineapple for a homemade mix of fiber-filled, low-sugar, sweet treat of dried fruit. Or puree different fruits together to create your very own fruit leather.

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