While there are universal principles for dieting to lose fat, there are certain aspects specific to women that have to be understood to make the most of a weight-loss program and to know what to expect and how to gauge the success of a strategy. This article is designed to describe and explain those differences and requirements to make dieting for women that much more effective.

One example is fat gain around the hips, thighs and butt. Evolution has dictated that these are problem areas for women who want to get and stay lean that generally are much less of a concern for men with the same goal.

And if those areas aren’t a concern for women in general, it’s even more acute in women who are dieting to create a “hardbody” — with a goal to compete in some kind of physique contest or just to look sleek and athletic. Their strategy, goals, and measure of progress will all be somewhat different than for a man.

As always, please consult a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer before embarking on any diet or training plan.

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