PRESS RELEASE: Performance Inspired Nutrition (PI), a leader in active lifestyle nutrition, recently launched four new products that round out their current offerings and further support their customers’ desires to live a healthy and inspired life. PI offers a full assortment of 18 amazing products, with 15 new products in the pipeline. 

PI approaches each product with customers in mind: Creating products that are not only delicious and convenient but also meet the company’s high standards for quality, integrity and honesty.Since its founding, PI has successfully formulated powerful and effective supplements with no synthetic ingredients, fillers, or artificial flavors and sweeteners. The company’s current plethora of offerings, and their newest launch of healthy foods and supplements, have created significant consumer buzz. 

The new, 22 gram Protein Cookie is a game-changer, with a focus on flavor and the most effective amount of each all-natural, Non-GMO ingredient. PI spent ten months crafting the perfect balance of ingredients to bring you a delicious treat—in four tempting flavors. The perfectly-sized treat is packed with 22 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, L-Glutamine, Prebiotics and BCAA, in a low-sugar cookie. 

Answering the need for ready-to-drink products, PI joined forces with a natural juice company to formulate a protein drink that is both delicious and functional. The result? Ready 2GO Protein: A delicious Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) infused filtered water boasting 16 grams of protein and 110mg of potassium, with 100 or less calories. This convenient drink, available in three flavors, is low in calories and sugar, but still over-delivers on hydration and protein needs. 

Healthy snacking is reinvented with the introduction of PI’s Protein Chips that come in three delectable flavors. The tortilla chips are hand-cooked in small batches using only the cleanest ingredients to ensure quality control. In support of healthy snacking choices, each bag has 30 grams of protein, 10 grams of filling fiber and no added sugar. 

Revolutionizing the Protein Bar category, PI will soon debut two best-in-class options: A smaller 60 gram bar with 20 grams of protein, Probiotics and L-Glutamine, and a Vegan Protein Bar that is sure to set a new standard in the plant-based movement. 

“We continue to push ourselves to provide ‘better for you’ products for customers expecting low sugar and higher protein products in the mass market,” Tom Dowd, Performance Inspired Nutrition Co-Founder & CEO, notes. 

With a commitment to offer the growing mass market customer who is looking for high-quality, trusted supplements and products using only all natural, clean ingredients—PI continues to operate as an advocate for health and honesty within the industry.

“It’s so rewarding to pinpoint and respond to market demands for natural and honest products with meaningful value-added formulas without all the label and marketing hype. Mark Wahlberg and I started Performance Inspired to help inspire people to live a better life, with better products, while supporting the community through our charity commitment. Today’s customers demand better, and they are so much more sophisticated than just a few years ago. With the desire and drive to fill an industry void, I left GNC after 25 years, and we started PI.”Tom Dowd, Performance Inspired Nutrition Co-Founder & CEO.