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The Full-Body Caveman Workout

Climb out of your lair with a brand-new mountain of muscle by performing this six-week full-body program.

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The Full-Body Caveman Workout
The Full-Body Caveman Workout

Are you a chimp or a champ? Want to evolve from a Paleolithic Neanderthal into a fully developed biped? Then ditch your prehistoric training program and try this full-body routine. This formula is a bottomless pit of rest-pauses and supersets. Each day you’ll attack a new body part from various angles, resting mere seconds between sets, so this particular strategy is pretty intense.

First, select a weight with which you can do 12-15 reps for each of the two exercises. Perform your first superset, then rack the weight. Take three slow, deep breaths (resting no more than 15 seconds) and grunt like a caveman—yup, go ahead and grunt—then repeat. Take three more deep breaths (don’t forget the grunt) and perform a third, and in some cases, fourth, superset with the same weight. Continue by supersetting the next exercise combination, duplicating the work-rest process. Repeat the entire sequence as indicated. You’ll have three days of rest throughout the week. Try this routine for six weeks, then go dig up a club for slaying those pesky pterodactyls.

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Note: Take a rest day after day 2 and day 4.