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The Posture-fixing Workout

Sit upright to improve your lifts and your overall health.

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Good Posture
Sebastian Kaulitzki / Getty
Good Posture
Sebastian Kaulitzki / Getty

Poor posture is a an unfortunate side effect of our sedentary culture. Too many hours spent hunched over a desk can lead to an inflexible spine, and thus, a plethora of health problems. With poor posture also comes tight hips, a weaker back, and weaker leg muscles, all of which put you at greater risk of a herniated disk. 

Back strength is important for big lifts like the bench press, deadlift, and front squats. By allowing your poor posture to go untreated, you could be compromising your gains (and safety) in the gym.

The following routine is a great (and super-fast) mobility sequence you can perform anywhere and any time.

Man with Back Pain

How to Fix Your Bad Posture

Change the way you carry yourself for an overall health improvement.

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The Posture-fixing Workout

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