“Supplements are a crucial part of what I do,” Froning says. “Plus they save me more time to train.”


CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning relies on a combination of protein and amino acid supplements from BSN to help him stay at the top of his game. Now many other CrossFit athletes are realizing the benefits of supps as well. Here’s how it works: Intense performance tears down muscle tissue to support activity, so getting in a supply of aminos before and/or during training provides your body with the nutrients it needs, reducing the damage to muscle tissue. Then, getting protein immediately after a CrossFit- or bodybuilding-style weight-training workout speeds recovery, helping your muscles repair and grow so you’re fully reloaded for your next session.



Here are Rich Froning’s protein and amino supplements: 

During his workout: 


BSN AminoX

Amino acids are the constituents of protein, but specific aminos have unique benefits for athletes. AminoX contains 10 grams of aminos per dose, including BCAAs, which are absorbed quicker than other aminos; citrulline, which helps drive nitric oxide production; and taurine, which increases muscular endurance. AminoX contains no caffeine, so you can use this product later in the day.

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After his workout: 


BSN Isolate Syntha-6

Designed to support performance and muscle growth, Syntha-6 Isolate contains fast- and slow-digesting proteins that immediately facilitate recovery and growth, and sustain these processes for longer periods of time. Syntha-6 is a great protein for before, during, or after workouts, or at other times of day.

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Stack It:

Froning takes AminoX during his workouts and gets in a Syntha-6 Isolate shake post-workout. Stacking these products provides a steady supply of aminos for when your body needs them. For AminoX, mix one scoop with 12–16 ounces of water. Continue for up to 12 weeks, then discontinue use for four weeks. For Syntha-6, mix one to two scoops with about five ounces of water or low-fat/nonfat milk per scoop. Take one to four servings on training and non-training days.


Stack_4 130x130
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