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Say Yes to Nitric Oxide for the Ultimate Pump

Get your blood flowing and muscles growing with the powerful effects of nitric oxide.

Say Yes to Nitric Oxide for the Ultimate Pump

Along with putting in some serious sweat time at the gym, experienced weight trainers understand the importance of supporting their physical efforts with a nutrition and supplement plan that includes a balanced diet, and pre-and post-workout drinks. When these elements are combined with the necessary rest for recovery, the primary pieces are in place for optimal strength and muscle gains.
For many that’s enough to satisfy their bodybuilding goals, but what about those looking to further pump up their results? Once you’ve mastered the exercise and nutrition basics, it's time to look more closely at some other elements that can give you that extra edge in the weight room to take your physique to the next level.

One such element is nitric oxide (N.O.), and when properly used it can payoff big-time. Nitric oxide is a compound made up of nitrogen and oxygen molecules that are produced and used by the body to communicate with other cells. Through the production of amino acids such as L-arginine and L-citrulline, N.O. is naturally present in our bodies.

Nitric Oxide boosters have been among the most popular selling workout supplements due to their effectiveness at widening blood vessels to increase the flow of blood to exercising muscles. This effect is particularly beneficial to weight trainers as increased blood flow means the delivery of more nutrients, oxygen, and anabolic hormones to working muscles. It all adds up to key benefits that will enhance your performance for greater results.

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