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Super Synergy

Ordinary supplements can become out of this world when combined smartly. Here's how to mix and match.

Super Synergy

Superheroes can be one-man shows (Superman) or duos (Batman and Robin). But imagine if Superman had a worthy partner, too—dueling Lex Luthor would've been a piece of cake. Likewise, where supplements are concerned, you have much-heralded heroes (creatine, glutamine, whey protein) and supporting cast members. In particular, the cutting-edge field of bodybuilding science has recently focused on six "sidekick" supplements that bolster the effectiveness of their respective superiors.

Super Supp: Creatine

The M.O. of creatine, the most extensively researched and most effective (legal) supplement we know of, is making muscles larger and stronger through a bevy of mechanisms. For one, creatine enters the muscle cell and helps produce more of the fast energy you need when you're pounding out reps in the gym. More reps with the same weight, of course, means more muscle. Another way creatine works is by helping to pull more water into muscle cells, a volumizing effect that stretches the muscle membrane and is believed to trigger processes in the muscle that lead to further growth. Creatine comes in numerous forms (monohydrate, citrate, tartrate, to name a few), and all seem to be similarly effective.

Sidekick: Cinnulin-PF
As effective as creatine is, it simply can't work if it doesn't enter the muscle. Enter Cinnulin-PF, a trademarked water-soluble cinnamon extract that boosts creatine uptake by muscle cells. Its active ingredient—hydroxychalcone—works by imitating the effects of insulin as well as boosting insulin release itself. Because insulin helps to drive creatine into muscle cells, taking Cinnulin-PF along with your usual creatine supplement can significantly enhance the amount of creatine that enters your muscle cells and thus the muscle-building effects you'll get.

Action: Take 2—5 grams creatine with about 100—250 mg Cinnulin-PF immediately before and after workouts.

Products: For convenience's sake, your best bets are creatine products with Cinnulin-PF already added: BSN CellMass and NO-Xplode, Dymatize Xpand, Fizogen Blast Cycle, Twinlab Creatine Nitrate 3 Fuel.


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