1-MR-Vortex1.M.R. VORTEX

1.M.R. Vortex contains central nervous system stimulants, including caffeine and yohimbe. In addition, each serving (taken 15-30 minutes before a workout) delivers glycerol, white leadwort and securinega. Members were sent fruit punch flavor.

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This pre-workout product contains a proprietary blend that includes a mix of different types of creatine, among them the monohydrate and alpha-ketoglutarate forms, plus astragalus, Panax notoginseng and Cinnulin PF to support better uptake.

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Sent to male members only

Troxyphen was designed to boost testosterone and help guys lose excess body fat. Troxyphen uses potent T boosters, including fenugreek and Tribulus terrestris as well as caffeine, yohimbine and green coffee extract. 

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CarnoSyn amps up ATP production with beta-alanine and supports your workouts and subsequent growth with insulin activators, a performance blend, energy and neuro support, and hydration support. Other key ingredients include Cinnulin PF, leucine, huperzine and coconut water powder.

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Robert-Irvine-BarFIT CRUNCH
Chef Robert Irvine FortiFix

Every member received a Peanut Butter Fit Crunch bar with whey protein. This meal replacement bar contains 380 calories, 30 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs (6 from sugar) and 16 grams of fat. 

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Xpedite contains a range of aminos that enhance energy and focus, including beta-alanine, taurine, citrulline, arginine and others. Each serving of the Raspberry Lemonade flavor we shipped contains 45 calories from protein and carbs. 

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Ten Point One

Bitrate is a powerful pre-workout stimulant that enhances energy, intensity and focus, and even promotes a feeling of euphoria. Each dose delivers three types of creatine plus citrulline and ornithine AKG to boost NO, and CarnoSyn beta-alanine to help boost the strength benefits of creatine. 

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Syntha-6 gets its name from the six types of protein that comprise it: whey concentrate and isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, and milk and egg proteins. This blend simultaneously provides a quick and sustained delivery of protein.

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