Beast Amphetalean Powder

This product contains Coffea robusta, raspberry ketones, ginkgo biloba, and many other ingredients to kick-start your workouts. Make sure to follow label instructions for dosing.

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BPI Clinical Power Series Gluta Alkaline

This product was formulated to promote better recovery from training. It contains gluta alkaline, which enhances protein synthesis. Take before, during, or after a hard training session.

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BSN Nitrix 20

Each three-capsule dose delivers almost four grams of nitric oxide–producing amino acids. For best results, take one serving 60 minutes before workouts and another one after you finish training.

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Chef robert crunch
Chef Robert Irvine’s Forifx Crunch Bar

Ideal as a quick meal, this bar packs 30 grams of protein from whey with only six grams of sugar as part of a total 27 grams of carbs.




Gat adenoflex
GAT Adenoflex

Designed for experienced bodybuilders and athletes, this product contains NAC, which supports erythropoietin, a blood-building hormone, and ursolic acid, which helps burn abdominal fat.

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No bull
MuscleMeds NO Bull

A highly concentrated pre-workout product, NO Bull contains eNoxide, which delivers actual nitric oxide rather than ingredients that lead to its production. It also has caffeine and other energizers.

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Six star

Six Star Protein Bar

Each protein bar contains 20 grams of protein with about 190 calories per bar, including 15 grams of carbs. Six Star protein bars were designed for taste and practicality. Take them any time of day when you want a quick protein or energy boost.




USPlabs Jack 3D

This energy booster supports better workouts by enhancing muscle pumps and fueling strength at the cellular level. Jack3d contains creatine, beta-alanine, arginine, and caffeine—a combo that provides focused, clean energy though several different physiological systems.

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GAT Beats 325x131

Join Jacked-In-A-Box by Oct. 6 and you’ll get a sample of GAT Muscle Martini. You’ll also be eligible to win a Beats by Dre Pill (a $199.95 value). Learn more at


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