Choosing one protein product over all the others is nearly impossible. That’s because you not only have so many options but also because you have dif erent protein and amino acid needs at dif erent times of day. That’s why we packaged together a range of products from Optimum Nutrition for our Jacked-ina- Box members to sample in June. This included slow- and fast-digesting proteins (whey vs. casein) and amino acids that are great before and after workouts. This array of products provides what you need, when you need it—and we’ve highlighted the time of day it’s best to take each one. For more info on how you can join, go to


Platinum Hydrowhey

Morning: This product was designed to deliver protein as quickly as possible. The whey in Platinum Hydrowhey is hydrolyzed, meaning it undergoes a process by which larger protein molecules are broken down so they’re more rapidly integrated into your system for better, faster results. The hydrolyzing process also removes unwanted carbs (lactose) and dietary fats.

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Platinum pre
Platinum PRE

Pre-Workout: Platinum PRE is a pre-workout supplement designed to enhance energy and focus. In addition to key amino acids, PRE also contains caffeine to boost energy and increase strength. Capsicum helps you release stored fat you can then use to fuel workouts. A blend of phytonutrients and vitamin C provides antioxidants to boost immunity.

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Platinum Hydrobuilder

Post-Workout: Science confirms that the best way to support muscle building after your workouts is to take in a combination of slow- and fast-digesting proteins. Platinum Hydrobuilder includes fast-digesting whey that gets to work immediately, and slow-digesting casein that extends the process for hours after the whey has already been used by your body.

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Platinum casein
Platinum Tri-Celle Casein

Night: This new product delivers slow-digesting micellar casein over several hours. Casein is the clumping form of milk protein, beneficial when you want protein to stay with you for hours. This is particularly true at certain times of day, such as before bed, when you aren’t going to consume more protein for several hours.




Essential Amino Energy

Anytime: This product was designed to provide enhanced levels of nitric oxide (NO) to help dilate blood vessels for faster delivery of oxygen, anabolic hormones, and other nutrients to working muscles. Each dose of this powdered supplement delivers five grams of amino acids, emphasizing BCAAs, arginine, and citrulline, among others.

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Amino chewables
Amino Energy Chewables

Anytime: This is a great way to get your aminos while working out as well as at other times of day. One dose delivers more than two grams of amino acids and other nutrients that support both workout and recovery. Take it whenever you want to boost energy and focus.

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