BSN Syntha-6 or Lean Dessert

At numerous times throughout the day, consuming a protein shake provides clear benefits above and beyond whole foods. BSN’s Syntha-6 or Lean Dessert protein powders fill this role very well. First thing in the morning: You’ll start every day with a protein shake to switch your muscles to an anabolic state after your sleep-induced fast. A whole-food meal at this time will take too long to digest to stop muscle breakdown.

Before every single RHC workout: Within 30 minutes before training, take one scoop of either protein. The whey in both powders will give you the energy you need to bang through your workout as strong as ever, and the casein helps halt catabolism.

After every workout: Within 30 minutes after training, two scoops (40 grams) of protein powder will put your muscles on the fast track to size and strength gains. Research shows that a mix of both whey and casein, such as that found in Syntha-6 or Lean Dessert, promotes greater hypertrophy than whey protein alone.

Between meals: Any type of protein powder makes a great high-protein, low-carb snack. With the Syntha-6 RTD, you can have a shake on hand wherever you are.

Before bed: When you sleep at night, you essentially fast for eight hours, something you’d never do during the day because your muscles would be catabolized by your body for fuel. Casein, particularly micellar casein as found in protein powders, is one of the slowest-digesting proteins you can find.

Providing your body with this critical protein before sleep is like having an IV bag of amino acids slowly dripping into your bloodstream all night.

BSN N.O.-Xplode NT

About 30-45 minutes preworkout, you’ll want to take this supplement to boost nitric-oxide (NO) levels in the body. NO has been found to increase muscle endurance during workouts, allowing you to train harder longer, and research proves it can build muscle and burn bodyfat. N.O.-Xplode NT provides multiple NO-boosting ingredients that work synergistically to enhance NO levels. Plus it provides a dose of creatine, beta-alanine and betaine, which can help boost muscle strength and growth.

BSN CellMass

Do not underestimate the power of creatine for adding muscle mass. It works like no other supplement. The good news about CellMass is it provides several forms of creatine for maximizing uptake in muscle. This helps prevent bloating, which can happen to some guys when they take regular creatine monohydrate. CellMass also provides a dose of the amino acid glutamine, which is important for muscle growth. Research shows glutamine also helps you get lean by boosting the number of calories you burn at rest and during exercise. Take this supplement postworkout.

BSN Thermonex

To really maximize fat loss during the RHC program, you’ll want the help of a thermogenic supplement. Thermonex contains two of the most effective fat-burners you can combine: green-tea extract and caffeine. The epigallocatechin gallate in green tea inhibits an enzyme that normally breaks down norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter/hormone related to adrenaline that increases metabolic rate and fat-burning. Caffeine aids fat loss, especially during workouts, by pulling more fat out of fat cells. It also helps keep energy levels high when calories are low and you’re hungry. In addition, Thermonex contains the powerful fat-burners synephrine and evodiamine. Take it 2-3 times per day 30 minutes before meals and workouts.

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