The main ingredient in MYO-X is a follistatin-rich extract of egg yolk known as MYO-T12. Follistatin is a protein that has been shown to inhibit myostatin, the protein that inhibits muscle from growing “too big.” You’ve probably seen photos of mice, cattle, and even a human baby with a natural myostatin defect that caused them to develop enormous mass. While the precise action of MYO-T12 is not known, it is thought to inhibit myostatin at the gene level.

While little is known about how myostatin inhibits muscle growth, recent research from Finland suggests that blocking myostatin leads to an increase in muscle protein synthesis. For decades, scientists have hunted for natural ingredients that were a source of follistatin. Carlon Colker, M.D., discovered myostatin inhibitors in egg yolk from fertilized chicken eggs. More specifically, it appears to be located in the membrane of the yolk. Dr. Colker developed a process to optimize the myostatin-inhibiting activity in yolk membranes, and the resulting product is MYO-T12.

Did You Know?
Research on MYO-T12 shows that the amount in one serving of MYO-X reduced myostatin levels in men in as few as 12 hours. Our conclusion? MYO-X may be the first myostatin-lowering product that truly delivers. One scoop provides enough MYO-T12 to keep myostatin levels reduced for more than 24 hours.

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