Nothing throws a wrench in your plans like waking up with a stiff neck. This unfortunate sensation is typically associated with trouble moving the head side to side, and can be accompanied by headache, shoulder, upper back, or arm pain. What’s worse, neck stiffness and soreness can come about as the result of many normal life activities.

Read on to discover some common causes of a stiff neck, conventional, self-care remedies for mild neck pain, and how the CBDMEDIC™ line by Charlotte’s Web™ may help you find effective neck pain relief.

Common Neck Pain Causes

Any number of common, day-to-day activities can leave your neck in pain. Below are some unfortunately common neck pain causes.

  • Sleeping in an unusual position, as we all know, can cause neck pain that lasts all day or longer.
  • “Text Neck” is far too common in our modern society. Individuals slouch in unhealthy postures while looking at their computer screens or smartphones.
  • Driving or long periods in the car can cause stiffness in your neck and back because of the prolonged seated position
  • Stress and anxiety can cause tension to build up in the neck and shoulders.
  • Repeated motions of the head can also cause neck stiffness. This can occur after activities like doing the crawl stroke in swimming or manual labor at work or home.

Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Remember that these options are not medical treatments. Please talk to your doctor to ensure there is no deeper condition if you experience persistent, debilitating pain.

Here are a few simple methods for acute neck pain relief that can be done at home:

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