Winter is right around the corner and flu season will be in full effect. The last thing you need is a cold or flu to knock you off your feet. Not only will this wreak havoc on your progress by keeping you out of the gym, but the energy your body expends will go toward fighting the virus, not growing muscle. Get through winter with this stack that will boost your immune system to help keep your training on track.


This amino acid may be important for muscle growth, but it’s even more critical for proper immune function. Few guys realize that the immune system uses glutamine as an important fuel source. If your glutamine levels drop, it can increase your risk of catching a cold.

Vitamin C

It’s a potent antioxidant that offers many benefits, including increased nitric oxide levels and enhanced fat loss. More importantly, research shows that taking high doses of vitamin C during winter reduces both the frequency and severity of the common cold.


Well known for its immune-boosting properties—one University of Connecticut study found it reduced risk for colds by up to 60%, as well as shortened cold durations by nearly two days. This herb can be used to protect the body from workout-related stress.

Immune Solutions

This table lists several products that contain either one or more of the ingredients discussed above.

Supplement Servings Echinacea Glutamine Vitamin C
Dymatize Glutamine 66 No Yes No
Eboost 20 No No Yes
Everlast Defense 30 Yes No Yes
Optimum Nutrition Glutamine 120 No Yes No
TwinLab C-Plus Citrus Bioflavonoid 50 No No Yes

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