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The 30-Minute Abs Workout Program: Chisel your obliques with rotational moves on day 3

Punish your abdominal muscles and hammer your six-pack abs into shape with this workout routine.

Man Doing Russian Twists in the Gym
Artiga Photo / Getty
Artiga Photo / Getty
Duration 30
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

Most abs workouts are focused on a single motion: contracting your abs as you flex your spine forward, as you do in crunches and situps. But there's more than one way to build your abs, especially because this big muscle group has to work in so many planes of motion.

That's why the third workout in our 30-Minute Abs Workout Program incorporates a few more options. Seated Russian twists will challenge your rotational strength, Swiss Ball crunches will challenge your stability, and one-armed farmer's walks will challenge your abs to hold your torso upright without tilting over, making sure you hit all the muscles you need for that shredded midsection you want.


Complete all three exercises in order. For the first two exercises, you should do 3 to 4 sets; but for the farmer's walk, do 4 to 6 sets depending upon how many sets you feel you can complete without overworking yourself.

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Today's Workout The 30-Minute Abs Workout Program: Day 3

Exercise 1.

Seated Russian Twist You'll need: Kettlebells How to
Seated Russian Twist  thumbnail
4 sets
6-8 reps
90 sec. rest

Exercise 2.

Swiss Ball Crunch You'll need: Swiss Ball How to
Swiss Ball Crunch thumbnail
4 sets
6-8 reps
90 sec. rest

Exercise 3.

One-Arm Farmer's Walk You'll need: Dumbbells How to
One Arm Fat Grip Farmers Walk  thumbnail
6 sets
Walk for 60 Seconds reps
90 sec. rest