Credit ratings. Auto insurance scores. SATs. Chances are, you’ve got a number associated with each. Ever wonder where you’d rank as an athlete? Enter Athletic Standard and its athletic performance scoring system, the AS Index (ASI). Using a few key performance drills (dash, vert, shuttle, etc.) and a couple of physical measurements, the Index generates a standardized score (0 – 3,000) for raw athleticism—applicable to any sport. For frame of reference, most of the population scores under 500. Tim Tebow is a 2,139.

The Index has got a 30-year track record of winning with college and international teams, and is just now available to trainers and coaches everywhere. The company’s soon-to-be launched Athletic Intelligence Management (AIM) application not only calculates an athlete’s AS Index score, it can rank player against player, or an individual athlete’s progress, with just the click of a button. Trainers can identify which areas need work to improve an athlete’s overall score—and athletes see their ASI increase accordingly. Swap Kaplan for the weight room, and leave the #2 pencils at home.

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