Get on the Grid and get in on all the action that this intense, physically demanding new sport has to offer. The National Pro Grid League (NPGL) is where the world comes to watch teams from across the country challenge each other physically and strategically. And on August 19th the stage will be set at Madison Square Garden, as the New York Rhinos, featuring well-known functional fitness athletes Annie Thorisdottir, Andrea Ager and Mathew Fraser will square off against the Los Angeles Reign.

“There’s no better place to kick off a brand-new sport than the most famous arena on Earth,” said Ian Berger, Coach and General Manager, The New York Rhinos. “We’re excited to give the fans a truly history-making experience at MSG. And, of course, we’re excited to debut our team of all-star athletes and competitors. You’re going to see an entirely new level of human performance.”

Non-Stop Action

All Grid matches consist of 11 physcially demanding races within a 94′ x 50’ court. Each race is different with a variety of weightlifting and bodyweight challenges. High-volume gymnastics movements and heavy weighted movements are examples of elements in Grid races. During the two-hour match, two teams compete head-to-head with different athletes. All team members are contracted professional athletes, with at least one man and one woman from each team being over 40 years old. The NPGL features some of the world’s premiere functional fitness celebrities such as Kristan Clever, Lindsey Valenzuela and Marcus Hendren.

“As an individual competitor, you rely on your own strengths and weaknesses,” said Annie Thorisdottir, team player, The New York Rhinos. “This is a brand new sport, and you have to learn to play with others and be aware of how you make the team better. It’s hard work, it’s teamwork, and it’s something new that I’m excited about in fitness.”

About The New York Rhinos

The New York Rhinos are the city’s official professional Grid team and one of the eight inaugural teams in the National Pro Grid League. For more information, visit The New York Rhinos Official Homepage, and be sure to check out the team’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels for the latest news.

Get Your Tickets

New York Rhinos August 19th home match at Madison Square Garden. Ticketmaster buyers must enter “GRID10” to get access to pre-sale tickets, and they’ll also receive $10 off the middle tier prices.